Virtual Reality Solutions

We design bespoke mind-blowing Virtual Reality experiences from our studio in Manchester.

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Why Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is the future! We see it as being particularly useful in the following industries:

Arts & Events

What better way to entertain a crowd than to immerse them in a bespoke VR experience?

Education & Training

Virtual Reality is an effective learning tool, in fact it's proven users retain up to 80% of information when using VR!


The ability to visualise and customise products in a virtual environment makes for an effective sales channel.

Property Marketing

Property walkthroughs in Virtual Reality are a game changer. That's why we created MarvelVR™ specifically for new-build property.

Our Process

Creating a Virtual Reality experience is fun for everyone involved.

Phase One:
Get Inspired
Meet the team

Come down to our Manchester-based studio, we'd love to get to know you and see how we can help.

See what's possible

Experimenting with Virtual Reality is sure to get your imagination flowing. Play some demos we think are cool and get inspired for your next project.

Phase TWO:

We'll work with you to create an experience to suit your purpose, intended users, budget and deadline. 

Initial Designs

Our talented team will storyboard your VR experience as clearly as possible. Once you're happy with the initial plan, we can get to work!

Phase THREE:
First Draft

After about 2 weeks after confirming the brief, we'll invite you back to our studio to demo the first version of your experience and answer any questions you might have.

Feedback Rounds

We're happy to make small adjustments as you see fit until the project is finished. We'll also send you regular video screen captures so you can monitor the progress.

Phase FOUR:
Setup + Support

Regardless of where you want to showcase your experience, we'll give you detailed setup instructions and also provide free ongoing support, should you need it!

Submit to VR store

We can help you submit your experience to the public Oculus Store and Viveport store, so you can reach large Virtual Reality audiences and achieve global exposure for your app.


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